Do your students want to discover Spain?

Openmind offers spots for High School students either in lively Andalusia, in a larger city like Madrid or Valencia, or in beautiful areas like Galicia, Castellón de la Plana or Aranda de Duero. We can also offer the fantastic Islands of Tenerife or Majorca.

Some information concerning Covid:

During this current school year all the students in Spain could attend school thanks to the actions taken by the high schools to protect their students. We expect the same for the upcoming year!

Furthermore, during the last months we amplified our team of coordinators, especially in Tenerife, which became one of the most secure destinies during Covid.

Urban or less urban – every area has its charm and we do everything to ensure that your students are satisfied with our choice! If your students want a regional guarantee, we can also make this possible.

Openmind is looking forward to promoting the intercultural exchange, together with you, dear partners. We will help the students to learn Spanish and discover Spain as an insider.

You can count on our very personal and professional support!

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