RGV Volunteering and Internships

Rainbow Garden Village (RGV), founded in 1999, is an Incoming Organization and Operator for flexible volunteer work and internships across the continents Africa, Asia, South America and Europe. We are pleased to be able to make a small contribution to supporting the people directly on site by enabling meaningful stays abroad in our target countries.

Our goal is to give committed people the opportunity to work for sustainable development abroad:

  • Meaningful projects worldwide are supported
  • Cultural exchange is promoted
  • Volunteers from all over the world have a life-changing experience

Since our regional RGV Teams live and work in our target countries permanently, our volunteers can arrive flexibly and start their work throughout the year. This facilitates not only the numerous participation of volunteers, but also ensures a sustainable support for the RGV partner institutions/facilities. The personal welcome, the on-site Orientation- Program and the integration into our voluntary projects occur individually and through members of our RGV Team. They are excellently familiar with the different foreign cultures.

RGV supports over 250 volunteer projects in the social, medical, environmental and wildlife sectors in more than 32 countries worldwide. Internships are sought individually for participants in a wide variety of sectors. We place special emphasis on intercultural exchange and sustainable local commitment.

We offer travel Agents access to our worldwide travel network, support with promotional material and provide for travel agencies the opportunity to acquire new knowledge in customer communication, marketing and sales via webinars and workshops.

Welcome on Board!

Rainbow Garden Village

RGV Praktika und Reisen GmbH
Rosenkavalierplatz 18
81925 Munich
Phone: + 49 (0) 89 454 537 93
Email: info@rainbowgardenvillage.com
Web: www.rainbowgardenvillage.com

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