Oxford International Study Centre

We offer a wide range of educational and professional training programmes. These include pre-university courses, holiday courses(including Abitur preparation courses), English Language programmes, and programmes for Teachers . Professional training programmes are bespoke , and usually take place in the University here. They include Business and Management, HR, Travel and Tourism, Marketing and many others. We also provide BildungsUrlaub programmes in English Language and Business English. We are situated in the centre of Oxford, next to the City Hall, and connections with the University are strong. We are licensed by the ISI(Grade one inspection report), and are members of ECIS, COBIS, EAIE and EATP.

We would welcome further links with agents and representatives worldwide.


Oxford International Study Centre
7, St Aldates,
Oxford OX1 1BS
Great Britain
Phone: 44 (1865) 201009
E-mail: info@oxintstudycentre.com

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