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Bilingual Solutions was founded in 2009 by Tina Nkobi and Alexandra Jandausch. They have assisted clients in creating high-end instructional design solutions and trainings on intercultural and leadership development.

Collectively, they have over 25 years of training and development experience in higher education, government, healthcare, automotive, IT, chemical, steel, and the service centre industry. They provide insight on trends impacting organisations related to intercultural trainings and international leadership development.

Their own rich international experience and educational background in psychology, pedagogy, linguistics, and cognitive science enables them to create state-of-the-art evidence based training programs that help expats and their families master the challenges of living and working in foreign cultures. Their evidence-based methodologies work on all three levels of learning: cognitive, affect and behaviour. By including the learners’ cultural norms, values, and beliefs and teaching them the metacognitive skills necessary to understand how their own cultural baseline affects their thoughts, feelings, and actions, the programme allows them to change behaviour consciously and intentionally. The main goal of the programme is to help learners become more open-minded and flexible as individuals to help them to develop intercultural competencies beyond the training as autonomous learners.

Bilingual Solutions have pioneered their cognitive behavioural training to expertly prepare individuals for work or study in a foreign country.

Additional Information

  • award winning innovative training solutions
  • best business training & education platform developers 2020
  • most innovative in education & training solutions 2019/20. Istudy award
  • leading specialst in educational platform development 2019

Bilingual solutions V.O.F Nkobi | Jandausch
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