Study Options specializes in the art of connecting and career guidance. We will help you to make the right choice about university and course selection. Creating and atmosphere of clarity and direction when you are embarking on career transition.   One of the leading consultancy firms in the education field, Study Options has build up the expertise and reputation in sending students abroad for further education over the years.

The firm has provided an easy opportunity to students of every field to go across the world and study with well known universities of UK, USA, Canada, Australia and many more.   We are here not only to value money but time as well. Study Options realizes the fact that time is also an asset which cannot be earned back. It is our duty towards clients to invest their time securely and productively.

Study Options sent abroad number of students for graduations, masters and PhDs, focusing on improving their linguistic skills, confidence, general knowledge and writing skills. Our mission is to individually assist every student who wants to excel in their careers extraorinarily.

Study Options
Suite No.3 Plot 2/C 32
Tauheed commercial area DHA Phase V
Phone: +92 (333) 2149149

Suite No.3 Plot 2/C 32 Tauheed commercial area DHA Phase V
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