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Praktikawelten was founded in 2004 as an outbound organization. According to our mission statements “Live your dreams” and “Be more than a tourist” we want to give our participants the unique chance to experience different cultures in foreign countries and to learn to tolerate and respect new and different cultures.

Furthermore, we want to give our participants the chance to enjoy a break from their daily routine, to offer an eye-opening and unique experience before they start a new chapter in their lives.

Interested people with a minimum age of 16 years (for Volunteering, Internships and Work & Travel mainly 18 years) can go for our programmes in 21 destination countries in Africa, Asia, Latin and North America and as well Australia & New Zealand.

Our participants are motivated, open-minded and dedicated to participate in the projects. They want to experience a new and foreign culture and it´s daily life to get a deeper perspective and understanding of it. For this we put great value in placing the right volunteer in the appropriate project to make to most out of it.

Participating in one of the programs of Praktikawelten allows you to familiarize yourself with new and foreign cultures to an extent that you would never achieve as a tourist. With several thousand participants every year, we offer a professional network which takes care of our customers.

Being a member in various international organizations, we refer to a network of experts and boards who support us with the continuous advancement of quality and legal certainty in our projects. Our organization attaches great importance to the quality of our programmes. Only permanent checkups on the standards of our programs, accommodation and supervision ensure to meet the high expectations of our customers. Beside that we want to offer an excellent price-performance ratio.

Praktikawelten GmbH
Nymphenburger Straße 133
80636 Muenchen

Nymphenburger Straße 133 80636 Muenchen Germany
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