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KulturLife, founded 1995 in Kiel, Germany, is a non-profit cultural exchange organisation specialised in several areas of intercultural communication. On one hand we offer high school exchanges, volunteer projects, international internships, farmstay and more in over 18 countries all over the world. We’re working with partner organisations like Erasmus and weltwärts and offer funded or non-funded programs.

On the other hand we’re working on numerous social projects to create learning opportunities that arise from meeting people from different cultural backgrounds. Numerous sponsors support us in achieving our goals: the European Union, the Ministry for Economic Cooperation and the Ministry for Education and Research, but also individual sponsors, donors and volunteers.

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KulturLife gGmbH
Max-Giese-Str. 22, D-24116 Kiel
Tel.: +49 (0)431 888 14-10
Fax: +49 (0)431 888 14-19
Web: https://www.kultur-life.de

Max-Giese-Str. 22 D-24116 Kiel
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