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Kelly Köpp is a born-and-bred Canadian and Vancouver Island specialist. The native British Columbian provides German students and their families with insider advice and tailored support throughout the entire process of organizing a high school year abroad in Canada.

Kelly was born and raised in Vancouver and spent many holidays exploring the beauty of Vancouver Island. After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Canada she moved to Germany for ten years before returning to Vancouver Island with her family to live and work at one of the top boarding schools in Canada. Working closely with students in the boarding school environment inspired her to establish Köpp Konsulting upon her return to Germany so that she could continue assisting young people with their personal growth.

Students will find that Kelly‘s unique connection between her two home countries of Canada and Germany on top of her experience working closely with youth at a Canadian boarding school give them a nuanced and personal level of support that can only be provided by someone who has truly lived the experience. Moreover, her boutique style agency aimed at quality and not quantity means that her personalized services are flexible to suit the needs of each student and family.

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The boarding schools in British Columbia stand for high-quality education and aim to recognize and promote student growth and individuality. Set against the breathtaking backdrop of Canadian west coast beauty, the schools provide an all-rounded education focused on academics, athletics and fine arts, where every student strives to reach their own personal level of excellence.

Köpp Consulting, Kelly Köpp
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